Wedding Checklist: One Year to Go

Wedding Checklist: One Year to Go

Congratulations on your engagement! If you’re one year out from your wedding you should now be thinking about the how, where and when you’d like to get married. It’s an exciting time but it can also feel overwhelming and intimidating, thinking about the enormous task ahead of planning your perfect day. We’ve broken things down to make it that little bit easier. Here’s your checklist for this point in time.

1. Inspiration

It’s time to get inspired. Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic resources for discovering what you like (and don’t). Check out hashtags like #perthwedding, follow truckloads of wedding inspo accounts and accounts of vendors in Perth and save images that you like so that you can view them in the future. I also browsed wedding magazines, blogs and spoke to friends about their experiences.

2. Venue(s)

Start exploring your options online to get a feel for what you’d most like. Many wedding venues have PDF booking information and price lists available on their websites so you can get a feel for what’s within your budget.

Then, it’s time to drive out to the hills or take an adventure down south to taste the wine and food and get a feel for the surroundings at every winery. Explore Perth city, Fremantle, our spectacular beaches and anything in between to find a place that resonates with you.

3. Date

Once you’ve pulled together a shortlist of venues, suss out their availability and find the best date for your wedding. Be careful to look out for public holidays as venues may charge more on these dates, and consider what season and what day of the week you’d like to get married on. Spring, summer and autumn are busier and often more desirable, but in winter you can often find bargains on all your vendors. Saturdays are the most popular day of the week, followed by Fridays or Sundays.

4. Photographer and Videographer

Photographers and videographers often book out early. If you want to make sure you can get your pick of who you’d like to capture your wedding, look into booking these vendors first. Instagram is a great place to find local Perth photographers and videographers and explore their work.

5. Celebrant

Picking a celebrant is another step that’s best done early. You’ll often want to meet with them before locking anything in and you will have paperwork that needs to be completed ahead of time.

6. Budget (and save!)

You won’t have all the details yet but start setting up a budget and try to be as realistic as you can. The venue is usually the biggest cost and you should now have a good picture of what it will cost. Also, start putting away money now so that when all the invoices start stacking up in the lead up to your wedding you’ll be able to cope with the costs. If you need help cutting costs, check out our guide on how to have an incredible wedding on a small budget.