How to have an incredible wedding on a small budget

How to have an incredible wedding on a small budget

Looking for ways to cut costs? Here are all the hacks we learnt along the way that can save you money while planning an incredible wedding day.

Make your own signage and stationery

You don’t need a professional graphic designer or installation of Photoshop to create beautiful signs, invitations and other stationery.

We made all of this ourselves using Canva. It’s free and comes with templates you can customise which give you a starting point of inspiration for your designs. All you have to pay for is printing and postage.

Even better, go digital

Send your invitations via email and set up an online registration form (check out free tools like The Knot). It’s better for the environment and you can scrap printing and postage completely from your budget.

Cheaper alternatives for cake

Hands up if you’ve been to a wedding where no one’s even tasted the cake? We’ve been to so many where the cake just sat in the corner of the room all night. Professionally made wedding cakes aren’t cheap and it’s so much money just for the sake of a photo if it doesn’t get eaten.

We opted for a cheese tower at our wedding. It was only a couple hundred dollars to feed over a hundred guests and, following the cutting, was placed on platters for guests to nibble on throughout the rest of the evening.

My best friend made her own wedding cake and it was so delicious.

Forage for your bouquets and MYO flower crowns

Celebrate our beautiful Australian flora and collect foliage and wildflowers from your surroundings to put together in a bouquet. Making your own flower crown is easier than it looks and can be a fun activity to get stuck into on the morning of your wedding.

Get married out of peak season

Lots of vendors offer cheaper rates for weddings during the winter months. If you’re happy to wed in the cooler weather then you’ll find yourself able to save plenty. This winter you can hire our giant illuminated love letters at $100 off the regular price.

Ask a friend or family member to MC

Not only will you not have to pay for a professional MC, but someone who knows you both personally will probably do a much better job. Their approach will be warmer and more natural than someone who doesn’t know you and they will do a much better job at getting everyone’s names right when they introduce them to speak.

Ask for quotes from a number of different venders to compare

Many vendors – celebrants, photographers and videographers – vary greatly in the prices they quote. Do your research, pick your three to five favourite vendors for each and reach out to all of them for a quote before you lock one in.

Buy secondhand

Check out Gumtree and join Facebook groups like Perth Wedding – Buy Sell Chat. You’ll find great bargains on almost new or new dresses, decor and more.

Reduce your alcohol bill

Don’t start your open bar until the reception officially starts. You don’t need to provide drinks for your guests while you’re off taking photos. Instead, offer the opportunity for them to buy their own drinks during that time (at your reception venue if they allow it, or at another nearby). This way they can still quench their thirst and you can reduce the number of hours of drinks on your bill.

Get a credit card that gives you frequent flyer point

And use your points to pay for your honeymoon! Find one that gives you bulk bonus points to sign up and then pay for all those bigger wedding purchases on your card. You’ll end up with enough points to fly you and your partner to somewhere nice for your honeymoon. Just remember to be sensible and only spend what you can afford on your card or you’ll end up in serious debt.